See My Brand-New Comedy Special FOR FREE

Hello Children!

My new special "No Place Like Home" is finally out on the new comedy streaming service SeeSo! Filmed in November 2015 right here at the Royale in Bisbee, AZ, it contains - get this - me yelling about shit! And it's pretty fucking good, something I rarely say about my work!

How about another YouTube clip of the SeeSo Special to wet your beak? - v=olp-G-Y4fsg

And you will get a FREE 2 MONTH TRIAL MEMBERSHIP at - meaning my special is for all intents and purposed - FREE! Unless you keep the membership which you probably will as a bunch of great comedians have specials coming out there soon!

The downside is that it is US only but never fear - the Killer Termites have posted a thousand ways to sneak around it for you foreigners! Just scroll through my Facebook or Twitter feeds and you'll find the tricks. Or wait a few months and we'll be able to sell hard copies here through the site. Or add your own!

Here is a step-by-step way to sign up for Seeso using the promo code, STANHOPE

-Enter in your browser

-Click the “Start Your Free Trial!” button

-Click your sign up preference (either Sign Up With Email, Sign Up With Facebook, Sign Up With Twitter)

-Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, Confirmed Email, Password, and Confirmed Password (Password MUST be at least 8 characters in length)

-Click “Next"

-Enter Your Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, CVC, Zip Code, and PROMO CODE “STANHOPE"

-Click “Start My Free Trial"

Any issues? DO NOT CONTACT ME - CONTACT SEESO. Ask Seeso for help: 

Same goes with my audio book "Digging Up Mother" - Free trial on! Free Trial + Free Book!

It's Free Stanhope Month!

Don't forget to check the road dates. We're coming soon!

Thanks for your continued support, suckers!