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Episode 60 - Mr. Heads Pre-Comedy Show Podcast

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The Doug-Less Stanhope Podcast hosted by Brett Erickson with Mishka Shubaly, Jay Whitecotton and JT Habersaat. Check out the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour dates at Stanhope will be back for the next podcast.

Mr. Heads Art Gallery and Bar

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Mishka Shubaly

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Recorded Feb 03, 2015 in the storeroom at Mr. Heads in Tucson, AZ with Brett Erickson (bretterickson68), Mishka Shubaly, JT Habersaat, Jay Whitecotton, and Joe the Camera Guy. Produced and Edited by Ggreg Chaille.

Intro music Mishka Shubaly “Don't Cut Yr Hair” (LIVE), Closing song “Your Stupid Dreams” from Mishka Shubaly’s new CD ‘COWARDS PATH’. Both available on iTunes.

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