SOLD OUT! Saturday May 20th SwapCast at the Bisbee Royale

Here is where I would be posting a ticket link to the May 20th show. Sold Out just from the email that went out to subscribers. Congrats to everyone on the mailing list who got the advance notice. If you are looking for accommodations, Shady Dell is probably already sold out for that night. I suggest Blue Moon Bungalows, The Grand, The Copper Queen and Jonquil Motel. It is the "ON" season so maybe get creative and hit up AirBnB or an out of the way place in Old Bisbee.

Here are the details - ONE NIGHT ONLY! Saturday May 20th, 2017 - Doug Stanhope and Bert Kreischer are attempting a SwapCast at the Bisbee Royale in Bisbee, AZ in front of a LIVE audience. This will be a podcast-style event, and definitely not a stand-up show. There are on plans to sell tickets at the door. We are not planning on streaming OR filming this event. There is NO GUEST LIST. Oh, and there will be no tickets at the door. One more thing, there will be no tickets at the door. If you have tickets and can't make it or have an extra ticket, tweet it out there. Or, contact me at and I will see what I can do.

We are looking at some future productions so stay alert. Plus, adding more Tour Dates for the next run. Thanks to everyone who jumped on the tickets.  We are looking forward to what ever happens May 20th. ~ Chaille