Stanhope & Bingo's Holiday eBay Yard Sale

Dec 5th, 2016

Time again, folks, for the next eBay Yard Sale! We've had it timed for Christmas, not for Bingo's Big Fall but what does it matter! All the more reason to get clutter out of our house for when she gets home and get it into your house! Classic suits I'm dumping, memorabilia that I vaguely remember, stuff I'll regret selling and try to buy back from you in ten years as well as a bunch of Bingo stuff! Don't worry, it's all stuff she wanted to put up when we started de-hoarding this summer. We're not taking advantage of her brain injury and selling her things while she's still daffy, although it has crossed my mind.

Just search Stanhope's Holiday Yard Sale in eBay and marvel at all the mementos that have clogged our closets for so long! (vavoombisbee on eBay is hosting the auction - )

Bidding on everything will start on Monday Dec. 5th, 2016 at 5pm PST.  Items will be added every 10 minutes. All auctions will last 7 days. Bid early and bid often. (Link to eBay store - )

Thanks for your overwhelming support and I we'll be back on the road in 2017. Can't wait to see you out there wearing my clothes!

~ stanhope

Bingo On The Mend

So you know, Bingo is making great advances and we're hoping she'll be able to come home soon. It'll be a long road to get her bean back to normal but she is off both feeding tube and tracheotomy and the blowhole is healing. Her sister Brooke has been very good on keeping detailed daily updates on here Facebook page which you can find HERE.

And we will keep you updated in a more cruel, dark and fun drunken way on the podcast so stay tuned!

I love almost all of you all the way to the prostate and back. Even the ladies!


Quick Update

Nov 11, 2016

All apologies for cancelling gigs - I'm fully aware of all the bragging that I don't cancel shows under any circumstances. But now I am.

Bingo had a seizure during her 40th birthday party and fell backward on her noggin on the concrete. Sure, it was funny at first. Unfortunately she went into a coma and remains there now five days later. There is no way of knowing when she will come out of it but the doctors say that even when she does, it will be a long recovery process. And somehow another gig at Sally Tomatoes banquet hall or a night in Oxnard didn't seem like reasonable excuses to bail and leave her family to do all the sitting and staring at each other in a hospital room. Maybe I'm getting soft.

I don't know if you are religious people, but if you believe in the power of prayer, stop it right now. Or at least don't tell people. Just go out and laugh. At everything. All the time.

I'll get back to all those places I cancelled eventually. With a notebook full of coma jokes.

I really love all of you idiots. Even when it's an abusive relationship.


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