Hello Victor, 

What is the meaning of life? 



What's the meaning of life? Well good sex, firm breasts, farts that don't smell. 

It's really about noticing what you have...I use to live the fast track, drink, drugs, pussy, that and work was my life. Once coming to death row I THEN seen what a fool I was. Life is day to day and to LIVE it is to NOTICE it. Notice sun sets, a birds song, grass to your bare feet. Notice the warmth of a bath, taste of food, a passing smile. When you notice the SMALLEST of daily blessings you'll live and you'll have TRUE answer to your question. Try it for a week, NOTICE all things and be thankful for ALL things you'll THEN understand my point. 

This shall cost you one phote in panty and bra for this service. 




I just learned that doug stanhope quit smoking. I remember when Bill Hicks quit smoking. Soon after, he started smoking again when he realized that he had pancreatic cancer. I imagine Bill started smoking again because he knew he was dead anyway. But, aren't we all dead anyway? If we are all going to experience the same ultimate end, why does it matter how long we are here? Aren't the winners the ones who cross the finish line first? Do you smoke? Do you shave the graphite from pencils, wrap them in toilet paper and stick them in the electrical outlet so you can smoke a cadillac or a pearl handle? 




Yeah we are all dead, just waiting to punch the final time clock. Why does it matter how long we are here? If you've found your soulmate you've the answer. If not that mate shall come, and once this happens you'll find you not only welcome life, but you wish to spend every moment possible in this life with your soulmate. 

Do I smoke? Fuck yeah I'm on death row. I'm doing my part to help the state. Whatcha think I'm some kind of damn freeloading bum? I already stick my tongue in the outlet daily as I wish to build up the amount of elec. charge I can take so when they free me I can set a record.