I met this guy at this college place he goes to school half an hour away from me. He gave me his phone number the first minute I met him right. He was talking to me and being real nice to me the day but I was sort of playing hard to get and pretend I wasn't interested in him. I really liked him a lot. Then we were leaving and me and my friends and he accidentally ran into the window he thought it was the door I guess. Both our schools were SUPPOSED to come again and he didn't show up I was pissed I was staring at the door for like 45 minutes he never came. I called him at breakfast inbetween classes and even at lunch that day. But I was dialing the wrong number cuz I checked when I got home. I dialed the right number and found he changed his stupid number cuz I had called before to see how he was. I was even more pissed. I still love him a lot but what do i do I can't call him. 

The 1 and only freddie lover, 

Shannon Staff (13)



Seems you made first mistake by starting off playing mind games. So now you're pissed at him? You write you love him? But from your e-mail you only seen him the once....Shannon, DON'T join the group who use's the word's "Love and Friendship" so freely when in truth little or no feelings is given with the words. You may feel free to write me at below address if you wish as e-mail due to where I am takes longer. Chin up, tits back, and if it's ment you find him again you shall. If not TRUST me your soulmate IS out there. 

Death row Vic 

Victor M. Farr




Dear Victor, 

I am a manager at a computer company, and some of the people I work with are so incredibly dog dick stupid that I have a hard time understanding how they stay alive, let alone work in the tech industry. I am often tempted to rap them in the back of the head with a 7 iron, and blame it on an invisible leprechaun. 

If they didn't buy it, how much jail time would I be looking at? I figure 
you would be in the know about this. 

Tiger woods.


Well lets put it this way....death row has lots of room. Knock them off and I'll see ya soon.....I'll call you Tammy. 

Love Daddy Vic