Dear Victor,

Is there any way that you are aware to make waffles that are good for you? I weigh 400 pounds and I am on a diet to become more healthy but....I love waffles. Can you help?

400 lbs? Damn when was the last time you seen your lower parts? I think you should sue someone over this issue as suing has become the way of life in good old U.S. of A.
Waffles are good but damn bro ya need think about your heart. Just because something is good it don't mean it's good FOR ya. Every time ya go to eat THINK of yourself naked in the shower. That may help slow ya down abit.





1. Why is the English alphabet in the order it is in? Is it so people can say, LMNOP, and think it's funny?, or did congress have something to do with it those fuckers. 2. Shouldn't they call it not quite dead yet row?

#1 Why ask why? I mean when you take a shit do you ask why you look at the toilet paper with each wipe? Maybe you should ask how you can help homeless people, or feed someone. Sure seems you've alot of time for wondering stuff. # 2 Yeah good point maybe it should be called "not quite dead yet row". But aren't we all really on death row? Just because a person is here is there any promise you'll out live me?
Drink a beer for me and have a joint.