howdie victor, 

i recently got back from a trip to las vegas. now, me and my friends frequent there quite often. i'm not sure if you've ever been there but it's heaven. so i have 2 things to ask you. first of all, one the my friends, his name is shumann, well he got so drunk out there, and took so many muscles relaxers, he actually passed out in one of the casinos. while passed out, he had a bowel movement and crapped his pants. my friends and i found great joy in this. unfortunately, shumann, or as we called him, poohman, got very irritable. my question is this, since he took it upon himself to get that drunk, does he have a reason to be pissed at us for poking fun at him? second question is, is there anything wrong with beating off on a 50 year old hookers face? i hope not. left wondering,

billy humphries


He's pissed because he took a dump in his pants. If he can't hold his mud when drunk he needs expect getting fucked with. I say to Poohman, wipe your ass and grow up. No there is not wrong in beating of on a 50 year old whores face. Hell I beat off on my cellmate all the time. Fucken don't like it but hey..