Coward's Path by Mishka Shubaly (VINYL)


Coward's Path by Mishka Shubaly (VINYL)


"COWARD'S PATH" by Mishka Shubaly

February 3, 2015

This vinyl was released in the UK and only available as an import. These are Mishka's copies and only available through

Mishka sings the intro music to the Doug Stanhope Podcast. This is his newest release.

Track listing
 1. Pickup Lines
 2. New Jersey Valentine's Day Orphan Blues
 3. Your Stupid Dreams
 4. Frankenstein Heart
 5. Taxes & Jail
 6. Ohio
 7. I Can't Remember When You Were Mine
 8. Depravity's Rainbow
 9. Alcoholison
10. Fuck Self-Control [Explicit]
11. Eating Alone
12. Your Plus One At My Funeral

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