Beer Hall Putsch (DVD)


Beer Hall Putsch (DVD)


Recorded live at Dante's in Portland, OR.

In 1923, a young Adolf Hitler gave a speech in Munich Beer Hall to incite a group of drunks to try and topple the German government, in an event known as the Beer Hall Putsch. 90 years later, acerbic comic Doug Stanhope gives his own ramblings to a drunk room, in this one hour stand-up special Beer Hall Putsch, recorded live at Dante's in Portland. Instead of Nazi uprising, he's here to share his twisted NFL fantasies, living next to aging boxers, and his advice to activists.

Released Sep. 2013 by New Wave Dynamics

*Includes a bonus video podcast recorded on the night of the show.

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Track Listings
1. Drink To Have A Good Time
2. The Lady And The Champ
3. I Can Do Nothing Better Than You
4. Farewell, Mother
5. Occupy Elsewhere
6. Incentive-Based Eugenics
7. Triage The Charity
8. 10k Fun Run For Nothing
9. 60 Inches of AIDS On Any Given Sunday
10. I Am Gay


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