Spare Some Change

I believe it was shortly into the new year of 1994, I was working in Lake Charles, Louisiana when the car I’d bought three weeks before for $1000 up and shit the bed. Engine blown. They told me it’d cost more than the car was worth to replace it. So I took my things from the trunk, traded them the title to cover the towing charges and a ride to the bus station. I could take the ‘hound to the next gig in Longview Texas but after that I was fucked. So I called a girl I’d been messing around with down in Kileen, Tx and asked if she might want to come up and spend some time.


We called her Bonefish, The Inevitable Bonefish, to be precise. My friend Mat was known to yell indiscriminately at women “Hey bonefish! Wanna Fuck?” We knew eventually we’d find someone who fit the monicker “bonefish”. It was ineveitable. And she was it.

Fucked if I can remeber her real name. She was a waitress at this podunk bar called Ernie’s Two in Killeen where I’d played on New Year’s Eve. I went home with her that night and I remeber that we passed out shortly after we got done fucking. We fell asleep on the couch with me still inside of her, on our sides from the back and I guess somewhere towards dawn I started fucking her again completely asleep. I actually woke up New Years Day...fucking! I knew it must be a good omen for the year to come. Regardless, she drove up the six hours to Longview and drove me to the next few gigs across Texas until she had to get back to her real life. She dropped me back at the Greyhound station in Big Springs and that, as far as I can recall, was the last I saw of the inevitable Bonefish.

I had four hours to wait for the bus and Big Springs, Texas is the last place you wanna kill any time. Oil town long gone dry of oil. Fucking ghost town. As I waited in the station, I watched a hobo (anywhere else he’d be called a bum, in Big Springs he was a hobo) come through every twenty minutes or so and do his rounds checking the coin returns in the vending machines. Coke machine, candy, coffee, payphone, payphone, newspaper, newspaper and gone again. So, about thirty minutes before my bus left, I took out my toiletry bag where I kept all my change and loaded each coin slot full as I could get it. He came through again just before I left, made it through the first three machines with a look on his face as though he was gonna get caught stealing, went to the men’s room, took a big victory shit and ran outta the bus station without ever checking the rest of the machines. I’m guessing he went back. Hell, he probably goes back to this very day. I smiled all the way to Lubbock. It’s not like I drove this poor bastard around for days to get him where he needed to go but, then again, I guess charity is all relative.