From Others: Kevin's Road Story

I'm sure a number of Doug's road stories involve drunken nights stumbling into karaoke bars; if you haven't heard this one already it's about time you did.

After a rough "Kill the Keg" Thursday night crowd at Uncle Funny's in Davie Florida, Doug, D.T. Tosh and myself wanted to go out for "just one beer". Arriving at a local bar, we were turned away at the door because I was wearing a baseball cap, and Doug had no intention of going into "a redneck bar with a dresscode"! Just wanting that one beer to fufill the evening, we wandered around finding "Luke's Bar and Grill" just up the block. Walking in we knew this was not our element. A forty-something hillbilly chick is wailing Reba McIntyre on the Karaoke stage in a room filled with blue jeans, cowboy boots and red plaid shirts that matched the tableclothes nearly identically.

Doug wastes no time; He scans the Karaoke selections and gets a hold of the MC in hopes of being bumped up in the rotation rather than listen to 15 more clint black-garth brooks wannabes. As his name is called, Dt and I squirm when we see the song he has selected to sing pop up on the lyrics screen - "I Am Woman"/Helen Reddy. Doug greets the audience with his usual charm, and urges them to read along (since he's about to change nearly every word).

The next three minutes of profanity laced singalong prompts the manager out of his seat attempting to cut the breaker on the speakers. Rednecks seem to be lining up to kick Doug's ass but he's belting it out with all the energy of a star search contestant. If it were not for a table of 12 or so college students who stood up and cheered for Doug at the conclusion of his "song" things could have gotten ugly.

To really appreciate this story I will have to dub the copy I have of Doug's performance that night because it would be a great addition to this sight as a WAV. file. I left moments later when Doug and Dt decided to slow dance cheek to cheek as the MC sang " love on the rocks ".