Dear Motel 6,

During a recent stay at one of your motels in Austin, Texas, I had a problem that is still very distressing to me. My wife and daughter and I checked in around 3:30pm and loaded our luggage into the room where we immediately noticed a rancid hanging odor. At first I thought it might be my daughter who’d been sick and soiling herself at regular intervals throughout the trip. We checked her pants but they were clean. As we began to fill the dresser the smell got stronger until we got to the bottom drawer and found the source. A dead canine of some breed had been stuffed into the drawer and had seemingly been there for some time. It was a large breed and it’s hind legs had been sawed off and laid atop the animal to make it fit. Rats had gnawed away most of the dog’s face and lips, giving him an eerie Cheshire Cat grin that immediately endeared him to my daughter. She named him “Champ” and asked if we could keep him. I’m still trying to explain it to her. I dialed the front desk, explained what had happened and they said they’d send someone up as soon as possible. That was around 3:45. At 7:00 pm our pizza arrived but still no one from maintenance. We tried to eat amidst the bevy of flies and putrid smel while my daughter poked at the carcass with a coat hanger. Again we called the front desk but now they said everyone had gone home and we’d have to wait until morning. They also said the hotel was full and wouldn’t be able to give us a different room or a refund. We spent the night with towels tied around our faces and checked out in the morning without another word about it. I’ve always been happy with your hotels in the past but this time I felt I deserved more. Next time “Leave the dog out” for me and I’ll turn the light on myself.


Thank you,

Doug Stanhope