Dear Greyhound,

I recently took your bus from Los Angeles to Murfreesboro, Tenn. I’ve traveled by Greyhound dozens of times and I always enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, but this trip really took the cake. On this trip I got to sit right next to Barbara Striesand for three and a half days! Evidently she’s fallen on some tough times. She was sporting a rather large shiner and was missing a front tooth. She said that her “old man” really “knocked the s*#t outta her” and that she was going back to Tennessee to stay with some relatives for a spell. I never trusted that Brolin character myself, and it’s nice to see that Babs is making a change for the better, but still I was disturbed by some of her behavior that was allowed on your bus. I’m aware that this form of transportation can attract some “colorful” personalities but the way I was treated by Barbara was inappropriate at best. . She kept her dirty baby on her lap the whole trip, and seemed comfortable breast feeding it in front of strangers. Call me old fashioned but I was a bit taken aback by this display. She would at frequent times throw the baby in my lap and disappear into the bathroom with other passengers for twenty to thirty minutes, only to come out dazed or partially clothed. Several times she asked to borrow money from me and then became enraged when I refused. She was drinking malt liquor openly and at one point when I nodded off, I woke to find her rifling through my kit bag. I asked what she was doing and she said she was looking for Vicadin. I mentioned this to the driver during a stop at a rest area and all he said was “Hey, man, that’s Barbara Streisand, I ain’t sayin’ s*#t to her!” I understand her celebrity stature, but I paid for my ticket just like her and I should be treated fairly. I tried to respect her privacy, although at one point I did ask her to sing “Evergreen” to which she told me to “shut up or I’ll scratch your faggot eyes out”. I do not appreciate that kind of language nor do I believe that this type of activity should be condoned by your company. Please tell me your thoughts on the matter.


Doug Stanhope