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Ep. #200: Fat Mike of NOFX, Chad and The Mayor of Bisbee

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It's the 200th Episode Extravaganza! Fat Mike of NOFX calls in, Chad Shank is back in the FunHouse and the Mayor of Bisbee, David Smith, drops by to discuss his first 100 days in office. Also, LA Times reporter, Nigel Duara, fills us in on some real life drama in Tombstone, AZ.

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Ep. #191: Taking It Out on the Right People -  - You can help out the Kids Art Center in Naco, Mexico by sending a donation straight to Gretchen Baer through Paypal at

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Doug and Chaille sit by the fire at the Arizona Inn to review the events of the year, 2016.

Ep. #189: The Vodka Barn Podcast.   This episode sponsored by Get you first 3 meals for FREE by signing up at   (#blueapron)

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