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Podcast Episodes and our new Hosting Partner

The Doug Stanhope Podcast has just partnered with and they are hosting all of our content here - ( LINK: ). Lots going on for 2017 so get on the Stanhope Mailing List to keep up.

Ep. #189: The Vodka Barn Podcast.   This episode sponsored by Get you first 3 meals for FREE by signing up at   (#blueapron)

Ep. #188: Meth, Death & Vomit. Sponsored by Hanks Sauce  The sauce for anything that needs something!

Ep. #187: Fireside Chat at the Arizona Inn -   Sponsored by -

Here are the Libsyn links for the time being. I will remove once the episode migration is complete. Click on the link to get details about the episode -

Ep. #186: That's an Omelette, Motherfucker!

Ep. #185: Fake News For Christmas

Ep. #184: A Very FunHouse Christmas

Ep. #183: The #SkyCandy/eBay Yard Sale Follow Up & Chad’s Prison Hooch Recipe

Ep. #182: Chad & Doug's Gay Date and Leftover Staples

Ep. #181: Bingo Back in Bisbee & Doug's Holiday eBay Yard Sale

Ep. #180: On The Run with Shane Steddum in Fayetteville, AR

Ep. #179: Night Shift Rehab Podcast with Doug & Jobi

Ep. #178: Bingo Hates Rehab

Ep. #177: Here's The Bingo Update

Ep. #176: Bingo in a Coma

Ep. #175: End Of The World Podcast

Ep. #174: Stanhope & Chad Attempt To Piece Together The Last 2 Weeks

Ep. #173: (F)Arts Festival Hangover with Birdcloud in their Underpants

Ep. #172: James Inman Is So Goddamn Sorry

Ep. #171: Booze Fueled Notes from the Road

Ep #170: Mishka Shubaly, Doug and Chad talk serious shit

Ep. #169: Doug & Chad talk new special primiere and the UnBookables

Ep. #168: Prison Guard vs. Prisoner Pt.02

Ep. #167: Doug Loses the Hernia and Shootout at Betty's Place

Ep. #166: Vegas Todd-Cast with Todd Bridges SwapCast

Ep. #165: Fun House Court and More James Inman

Ep. #164: Razing Arizona Comedy Tour

Ep. #163: The Bone Zone's Brendon Walsh and the Saddest Podcast Ever

Ep. #162: Tom Konopka Marathon Vegas podcast

Ep. #161: SwapCast with Near The Wild Alaska Podcast in Vegas

Ep. #160: James Inman Vegas Brand ReLaunch

Ep. # 159: Doug's Next Special

Ep. #158: Fun House UFC Fight Night

Ep. #157: God Damn It Derrick!

Ep. #156: Black Pussy Road Stories

Ep. #155: Horrible People Tour Wrap Up and the Reason I Will Be Dead On Aug 29th

Ep. #154: Stanhope's Horrible People in Bozeman, MT