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Episode 69 - Breaking News In Bisbee

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Doug has breaking news of the officer involved shooting at the Bisbee Safeway. Also, Bingo 'Butter Cheeks' Bingaman reads her tweets.

Recorded April 22, 2015 at the Fun House in Bisbee, AZ with Doug Stanhope (@dougstanhope), Bingo 'Butter Cheeks' Bingaman (@AmyButterCheeks), and Ggreg Chaille (@gregchaille). Word OF The Day by Uphill KimboSlice. Produced and Edited by Ggreg Chaille.


Bingo's Caddy - eBay Auction

Intro music "The Only One Drinking Tonight" by Mishka Shubaly. Closing song “Ace Of Spades” written by Eddie Clarke, Ian Kilmister, Phil Taylor. Covered by The Mattoid. Mishka Shubaly available on iTunes.