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Episode 24 - Frosti Gnarr and Jonathan Larroquette

Doug welcomes Frosti Gnarr, the son of the Mayor of Iceland's capital city Reykjavík, and Jonathan Larroquette, 'Uhh Yeah Dude' Podcast, to the Fun House. Doug and Bingo met Frosti on a trip to perform at Reykjavík's prison. Jonathan adds some of his own Icelandic experiences.

This podcast sponsored by ORA GREEN BEANS. Available in Iceland.

Recorded Mar 20, 2014 in the Fun House in Bisbee, AZ with Doug Stanhope, Frosti Gnarr, Jonathan Larroquette, Chad Shank and Bingo. Engineered and Produced by Greg Chaille (@gregchaille).

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Intro music "Don't Cut Yr Hair" by Mishka Shubaly. Closing song by Fufanu.

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