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August 27

Cobb's Comedy Club
San Francisco, CA


August 28

Cobb's Comedy Club
San Francisco, CA


September 12

The Trocadero
Philadelphia, PA


September 13

State Theatre
Falls Church, VA
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September 18

San Jose Improv
San Jose, CA


September 19

The Mohawk
Austin, TX


September 27

Plaza Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV


October 8

El Paso Comic Strip Comedy Club
El Paso, TX


October 9

Albuquerque, NM


October 10

GoldenLight Cantina
Amarillo, TX


October 13

Outland Ballroom
Springfield, MO


October 14

Deja Vu Comedy Club
Columbia, MO


October 15

Jukebox Comedy Club
Peoria, IL


October 16

Rock Island Brewing Company
Rock Island, IL


October 17

Reggie's Live
Chicago, IL


October 18

Reggie's Live
Chicago, IL


October 20

Dr. Grins @ The BOB
Grand Rapids, MI


October 21

Pittsburgh Improv
Pittsburgh, PA


October 22

Snickerz Comedy Club
Fort Wayne, IN


October 23

Cleveland Improv
Cleveland OH


October 24

The Machine Shop
Flint, MI


October 25

The Token Lounge
Detroit, MI


November 11

The Greek Club
Brisbane, AU


November 12

Venue TBA
Canberra, AU


November 14

UNSW Roundhouse
Sydney, AU


November 16

Capri Theatre
Adelaide, AU


November 18

Fly By Night Club
Perth, AU


November 22

Dallas Brooks Centre
Melbourne, AU



Edinburgh Fringe


Taking into account the vulgar amounts of strange beer in pint glasses, the endless cigarettes and ecstasy that falls into your hand and then mouth from nowhere, the stress and endless interviews and photo shoots, jet lag and odd hours - it's hard to pin-point Scotland's shitty food as the reason for the recurring waves of nausea every day in Edinburgh but I have to trust my instincts.

It may have been Dostoyevsky that said, "You can judge a society by the conditions of its breakfast sandwiches," but I wouldn't know. I've never read his shit.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a madhouse unrivaled by any comedy Festival in North America. The population of 450,000 doubles for the month-long event which features over 20,000 performers and at least five decent looking women. Not models mind you, but nothing you would turn away if you needed to wipe something icky off your dick.


The major difference is that this festival is all full length shows, not seven minute showcase horseshit like American festivals.


By the time I showed up, I already had five articles written about my appearance in some of what seemed like 300 local newspapers. Brian Hennigan, the promoter who brought me over was responsible for most of the press. He's a genius with sincere-sounding bullshit, mostly because he's sincere when he's full of shit if that makes any sense. The bullshit spin in the American press that I was coming to make fun of WTC victims didn't hurt us getting articles but was quickly put aside, even by the guy that started it.

I got through the first couple shows just trying to figure out what they'd get and what they wouldn't and if you have ever been over here - you know they get a hell of a lot more than the douchebags in the U.S. That doesn't necessarily make them more pleasant as people but what little knowledge I've gained over the years never made me very happy either. Maybe that's why got along so well. Misery loves comedy.

The thing that scared the shit out of me was the reviews. Every paper had sections devoted to the Fringe and the reviews were unlike anything I'd seen in the States. They knew comedy, whether you agreed with their take or not. You hear them say that someone relied on old material too much (thank an ugly God that this was my first trip) or that so 'n so had great lines but his heart wasn't behind the material. Unbelieveable to see comedy viewed as an art form.

Except for the San Francisco Comedy Competion, I'd never had a show reviewed before. In fact, I have never seen a comic get a review, save for a household name that stepped back onto stage to take a break from whatever it was that made him that famous. Any press you get over here is a preview which is more of an advertisment than a critique.

I got reviews and the reviews were good although I didn't really like any of the shows. It was difficult to get used to quiet audiences until I did a set at the infamous "Late and Live" at nearly 3 am where the audience is reminded at the beginning that "The heckler is always king!" and I went up sloppy like I tend to get at that hour and ate my ass in a hat. After that, I learned to appreciate the quiet in my shows.

Hecklers are a different breed here, as likely to throw a pint glass as to yell something demeaning. And the best way to gain their ire is to mistake where you are. The only warning I got from David Crowe, the comic who'd recommended me and whose week I was following, was not to confuse Scotland for England. So one night I said something about being in the UK and was blasted for saying it was the UK, which I think it is but no one can seem to explain the difference between the UK and Britain and Scotland and England and Great Britain and North and South Ireland and the British Empire and you need a compass to get through a set without getting hit with something.

I couldn't imagine what most people went through here. Most comics perform for a month of straight shows and have to promote them on their own. The streets are filled with shitheads in wigs and funny uniforms handing out flyers and using any goofy line to get an ass in a seat. Then there are the mimes and magicians and jugglers that perform in Hunters square directly under the apartment where we stayed. Everyday you wake up to a thunderous round of applause and rush out assuming they found a cure for AIDS only to see a juggler on a unicycle, always juggling something very dangerous and he always tells you how dangerous it is but you know it's not because if it was dangerous he'd have scars of missing digits but he doesn't. The only person I want to see juggle something dangerous is some one who can't juggle.

Regardless, I can't imagine a month of this. It's too difficult to be a comic, a tourist, a drunk, a husband and a reviewable act at the same time. Renee holds up pretty well on her own but you can't help but feel like shit when there's so many things you should be doing together. We ended up taking a hideous tour bus one afternoon, too hungover to actually fight the tourist foot traffic but still needing to feel like we'd done something. The city is amazing if you have ever been a child that loves castles and dungeons and all that but that shit was real and you get an understanding of why the place feels so evil. So much of the tour was inadvertently morbid that it was hilarious. "If you look to your left there is the square where they used to burn witches and to the left is the fountain square which is built on a cemetary where they buried witches and they used to steal their bodies for medical experiments at the university here on the right and when they'd catch the body snatchers, they would torture them over there in the dungeon by the park and then hang them in this maketplace up ahead." Creepy. Good creepy but creepy nonetheless.

My good friend Dave Fulton is here and I never get to see his show because we perform at the same time but we get to hang out and I also get to meet George Mortimer who runs and who I have kept email correspondence with for the last year. We had a good time debating a Jesus freak on the street. You can't beat a Jesus freak but I think we could call it a draw when he had to call in his manager.

All the things to do but ego takes up so much time and as the good reviews started coming in Brian toyed with the idea of adding more shows to make me eligible for the Perrier award, the big brass ring at the end of this but we ended up deciding that that could just make me look like a dick for trying. With my career, I'm happy settling for good reviews.

Funny how you can spend a week talking about how full of shit the media is and still jack off to a five star review.

Plenty more happened and I'll try to get the rest in the next update but I'm barely off the plane and heading for Colorado. Stay tuned and, in the meantime, here is a review:




After spending a week in Alaska, I've been spending most of what little free time I have trying to figure out why I don't live there.

One thing I am sure of is that deep sea fishing is overrated. I pulled up a barely-legal halibut that was less of a fighter than John Walker Lindh and still had to take a nap afterwards due to exhaustion. When it was gutted and prepared by friends who are more suited to these types of projects, I realized that I don't even like fish. I like tarter sauce. Fish is just an excuse.

Regardless, it was again hard to leave. Renee took a weeks worth of pictures on our new digital camera and, moments before we left for the airport, accidently found the button to delete every single one of them. Good thing we didn't see bigfoot.


Hero update -

The day after that dry-rot skank Jeanette Walls printed her story on (read July 31st update), another cunt George Rush from the Daily News reran the piece as his own almost verbatim. In comedy, we call that hacking. In the gossip world, having the ability to change three or four words from someone elses junk must be looked upon as talent. I've got a few stray emails threatening boycotts. Funny, nobody knowing who the hell I am has been a great boycott so far in my career. Tough to dent that.


MSNBC / Fan Letters

My good three-legged christ, how deep the bullshit can get. I get a message yesterday from someone at regarding my upcoming appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I'd recently been misquoted in a story in a U.K newspaper saying I was preparing to "ridicule" a play over there regarding the fallen heroes of 9/11 so I assumed this was the reason for the MSNBC call.

I should have guessed by the way she kept referring to it as the Edinburgh "Film" Festival rather than "Fringe" that she might not be a legitimate press person but I spoke with her regardless.

I told her that my comments were about blanket hero worship that wasn't based on any individual action but on simply having the job. I made it clear that I wasn't referring to actual 9/11 events but to the atmosphere since then. She laughed and yucked it up at all the jokes and when she was done abruptly hung up.

My wife asked how it went. I said "She was laughing and sounded like she gets it but I could almost see her drawing a hangman on a Post-It pad while we talked." I couldn't have been more right.


American comedian Doug Stanhope, who’s performing at the festival, tells the Scoop he’s preparing to ridicule the hero worship of the 9/11 rescue workers.


That's the bi-line that ran in bold red alongside the story. The cunt even used the same verbage as the UK paper - 'ridicule'.

Who in the fuck could be "anti-firefighter"?

I found out where the story was, not from her but from the stack of hate mail in my inbox. The worst part is that this cunt is a GOSSIP columnist!

She included some choice sentences from my original rant in my journal archives ( June 21 ) which I still think hold merit. Nowhere in it do I mention 9/11. This mudhole reprints them as though they were directed at actual WTC victims and it gets people a little irritated to say the least.

I'm used to hate mail but I get peeved when it's inaccurate. That's what makes me apeshit. This bang-job whore who wrote that article was the one exploiting 9/11 victims. She, like other media spastics, knows that tragedy and outrage sell papers. Hence the spin. If she can find another angle on it to act like one of the outraged masses, she wins and looks good doing so.

And you don't yank yourself thinking I am the only one who feels the way I do. Firemen are people just like any of us. I'm damn glad they do what they do but that doesn't mean I should be made feel like I should stop, drop and weep every time one passes me by or is paraded out to sing the National Anthem.

I used to live around the corner from a fire station in West Hollywood. One morning I was sitting behind a car waiting to pull onto the main street when a firetruck came out of the station behind me. No lights, no sirens. Just sat there behind me waiting. Soon the car ahead of me turned and as I started to pull forward, the firetruck hits his air-horn - not his siren but that bone-shaking horn they use going through intersections. I nearly went through the windshield and on knee-jerk reaction I flipped the bird high and mighty out the drivers side window. I took a right and after a block or two the engine came out with its sirens now running. I pulled to the side and it stopped beside me.

"You better watch who you give the fucking finger to!" says the fireman as though he's going to jump out and then drives on.

They are on an emergency call and stop to deal with road rage issues. Heroic. Point is that they are human and a lot of humans are cocks.

Firefighters started two of the biggest wildfires in Arizona and Colorado history this summer. That doesn't make them all shitbags but you then can't say that they are all heroes just for wearing the tin hat.

As for the statements in the article, I stand by them in context with their original format. I have to assume that it takes a certain thrill-seeker, adrenaline junkie mentality to take a job running into flames and that the idolitry involved with the position is the allure as much as any selfless compassion for humanity. Chicks dig firemen. My opinion. If you have a family, maybe you should consider a line of work that doesn't involve you cheating death on a daily basis. That seems like a no-brainer. If you're a cop who allows police corruption to go on without doing anything about it, you're just as guilty. No-brainer.

So there's my comments, sans humor. Not really all that controversial, I'm afraid.

Here's something for all of you to remember. This came from my journal on my home page of my website. I did not email my opinions to you, post them on a firefighters message board, tack them to your front door or yell them to you on a street corner. My website is for my friends and fans who are usually of a like mind. It's not a media outlet. You read a bad cut n paste job in a gossip column that included the latest hubub about Justin Timberlake and Boyz II Men. And you tell *me* to get a life?

So if you're only here because you read some drivel on, read the whole story in the archives from June 22nd. If you're still all heated up - and you very well may be - remember I didn't invite you here, you came on your own. Go back and read about Madonna's latest tiff with Rupert Everett. It's near the bottom.




Thanks to everyone in Portland who came out for the Dante's show. It was a fucking riot. We'll do it again very soon. If I can get enough people on the mailing list in every town I can make all my shows that much fun. Comedy belongs in dark, smokey, odd places like that - free of comment cards and tired acts. Special thanks the the folks at KNRK. Your threats of a regular gig there are tempting.




From: Kristy


Subject: In Response to your participation in the Festival in Scotland next month

Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 06:59:48 -0700 (PDT)

Mr. Doug,

I would like to take the time to tell you what I think about your participation in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland next month. First of all I think that you are extremely out of line in making fun of the same country that you have used to make yourself famous. The American people may have helped you reach that success but those same people can just as easily let the air out of your popularity as well. Second I would like to express my complete discuss with you over your rude and obvensive comments concerning America's Firefighters and Police Officers. I found your comments very hurtful concidering that the man that I love with all my heart and soul is in fact a Fireman and even before September 11th I was extremely proud of him both as a fireman and as a husband and father. Because of my position I feel that I have the right to tell you that you are wrong in poking fun of the very people that help protect the American people. It is true that both fireman and p! olice officers choose this profession but it also takes a MAN or a WOMAN to promise that type of commentment to their job. If you feel that it is such an easy job then why don't you try it for a while and then come back and make those same comments (You couldn't do it) So don't knock it until you have tried it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can understand why you would think that it is crazy for a person to run into a burning building when all other people are running out the same building or to chase after a criminal with a loading gun, each knowing what the outcome could be. i would say just from hearing you speak that you have neither the respect for the people that do this or the gutts to perform such a task yourself, instead you stand on a stage with your microphone and talk about these people. Oh, but I bet if you home was burning and your wife was inside you would want the fireman there as soon as possible to save your life or if you had been attack by a individual with a gun you! would be quick to ask "Where were the cops when I needed them?" A person of such your low calibore could never even begin to understand what a Hero is nor could you ever become one in your lifetime. Webster's discribes a hero as " a man admired for his great strengths and abilities."

To me the people that gave their lives on September the 11th had tremendous strength and outstanding abilities. But one must also stop to think about all of the heros from the tragedy of September the 11th. Everyone from the firefighters, police officers, EMS workers, doctors, nurses, construction workers, the residents of New York city, the people of the planes, both the ones that hit the Trade Centers and the Pentagon and the people that were aboard the plane that crased in a field because the passengers were brave enough to risk their lives to save the lives of other people, and most importantly, the people that lost their loved ones ,weather they be the people that are paid to protect u! or if they were the people in the gift shops of the Trade Centers, those people that lost their loved one's were Hero's as well because of their strong ability to give that person to the tragedy and still have the Ability to move on in their lives while still remembering the loved ones that they had to leave behind.

So has you get up on that stage next month in Scotland think about what "Hero Whorship" really is and exactly who all you are going to hurt when those rude comments come from your mouth. It will not only be the fireman and police officers and their families but it will be every single person that the attacks of September the 11th effected.




From: Susan
Subject: Edinburg Fringe Festival
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 08:08:35 -0400

Doug, I just read my MSNBC news alert which was a short article about the Edinburg Fringe Festival and your performance there. In the article they quoted you on some of your comedy routine. I was shocked at what I was reading. I especially did not like your bit about the police men "Serpico was a hero. The rest should get LUPUS." I could not believe what I was reading!!!! I have been fighting Systemic Lupus for 17 years now(I am 33 yrs. old) and will have to fight it for the rest of my life! How can you ridicule such a thing? I would never ever wish SLE on my worst enemy. Do you have anyone in your life that has Lupus? Do you have any idea what Lupus is????? Maybe instead of ridiculing it and making fun of it you should perform comedy routines as fund raisers to benefit the research into finding a cure!!!

SLE is a very serious illness?????? How horrible it is for you to do such a thing. Yea, you can say it's only a comedy routine, but, that's hard to do when you have an illness that can take your life away from you and that's not funny to me! I am sure there would be others that felt the same way. This letter may mean absolutely nothing to you, but, it's important that you think twice about what you are ridiculing!!!!!!! I just wanted to express my feelings to you.





From: paula
Subject: your a fucking disgrace 
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 09:12:19 -0700

you disgust me, your comedy routine reguarding 9/11 is appaling, you'll never make a dime off of me or anyone in my family, your not a comedian, your a uneducated fucking jerk, i pray that the next time you get on a plane it crashes, i have never wished death on anyone but in your case i'll make an exception.... i can't wait to see you dead.... this world will be alot better off without you.... your mom should be shot for even wanting to bring you into the world, you are a good argument for abortion.......death to you doug and i hope you end up dead soon, hey why don't you go to pakistan and then maybe you get your head cut off like Daniel Pearl fucking cocksucker, i hate you and maybe if you ever do vegas i'll show up at your show just to make a seen, because going to jail is nothing new to me.... fuck off and die