Shipping Issues

(July 27, 2017 - THIS IS FROM CHAILLE) I should be downstairs in the casino playing penny slots with the lovely Ms Tracey but I have been asked by my boss to 'splain what is going on with Merch shipping fees.

My apologies for any frustration with Merch shipping fees that seem extreme. I am currently super-procrastinating finishing a new website that should improve your "Merch Experience". A bunch of this shit is automated and that is the only way it would ever get done. Sometimes things don't add up.

I appreciate your interest in Stanhope merch and if anything seems amiss with your order just stop and email me at STANHOPESTORE@GMAIL.COM.  I will double check to see if something is a foul.

For International Orders (that does include Canada, BTW) chances are you are not gonna be happy with any shipment fee for an order weighing more than 8oz. That's not us, that is INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. And, don't forget the DUTY fees. That's also not us, that's your Non-American Gov't trying to keep us down.

If you are emailing Doug to complain because you don't have another email address, now you have one - STANHOPESTORE@GMAIL.COM.