The Funhouse football helmet auction: Your road to the Superbowl party

The Funhouse football helmet auction runs Sunday Sep 6 through Sunday Sep 13th, 2015

The Funhouse football helmet auction runs Sunday Sep 6 through Sunday Sep 13th, 2015

September 4th, 2015

After six months of chain smoking, pacing, drinking and generally going insane inside this bunker, I have turned in the draft of my book to my publisher. The deadline was Wednesday and I finger-fucked the manuscript all the way til 11:59 that night to hit send. I'm sure there is plenty more bullshit to come with editing notes, cover art and especially battles over the title. It's already on Amazon for pre-sale under it's working title "One Funny Mother" which should be the first thing that gets changed. Grab now regardless. [ Click to Pre-Order a copy of "One Funny Mother" from Amazon ]

With that out of the way, let's get ready for football. The Funhouse is being refurbished into a proper studio for podcasting, as well as for football. It should be ready to roll for the opening game September 10th.  Sadly, to make room, I have to unload my collection of football helmets, all 32 teams. They will go up on eBay individually starting at noon pacific on September 6th with a new one going up every ten minutes after that. The auction ends the next Sunday, September 13th.

LINK to the Funhouse Football Helmet Aucition on eBay.

The helmets are all full-size. Most are replicas, a lot of them throwbacks while a few are youth regulation and one - the Jacksonville Jaguars - is an NFL regulation from their first year pre-season. It has their original logo that they had to drop before the regular season after being sued by Jaguar. Serious collectors item for a Jags fan, if such a person exists.

The sale of these helmets will help offset the cost of the new studio. So the winning bidder for each helmet will have their name and team put on a plaque on the wall of the new Funhouse studio in thanks for helping build it. Also, for the helmet that sells for the most overall, the winner will have an invite for two to Bisbee for our Superbowl party in February and I will adopt that team as my new favorite team for the season, even if it requires the shame of wearing a Steelers or Cowboys jersey all year.  I really hope an Arizona Cardinals fan with deep pockets saves me from that.

I've autographed each helmet on the inside. No sense messing up the outside with my illegible scrawl. And expect some bonusgift to come along with the helmet. You die-hards make great things happen and I appreciate it. Thanks for helping this all come together. We'll some All-Star podcasts coming out soon and often.