You'll have to hit the "Next Page" button to read eveything on most pages on this site. That's why I suggest going to my  Myspace page until I get this site done more functionally. You can still buy the new DVD "No Refunds" as well as all the other merch here and get on the mailing list (that way you'll find out where I'm playing without coming here at all) as well as masturbate to pictures of me on the photo page. Videos aren't up but they're up on Youtube. I guess I could get a link put up on the video page but I'm sure you can find 'em in the meantime.

New dates are coming up in a hurry so check the road dates and get tix asap - I'm playing a lot of small rock n roll joints that are a lot more fun but sell out quick.

 Someday soon I'll get this site workable enough to where it makes me want to post encouraging words and levity from the road but by then we'll probably all be slaves of the New World Order, all inmates of a prison-state watching Alex Jones being knifed to death in a corner of the dungeon for saying "I told you so..." too many times.

On to the New Year.