We live in Bisbee, Arizona.


A small house on a small street. There is a trail up the mountain behind us. Or maybe you'd call it a hill. It only takes a few minutes to hike up to the top, depending on how often you have to stop and gasp for air. At the top you can look over into Mexico. There are many discarded and sunbleached backpacks and empty water bottles up there - folks with good hearts leave them full of water for the illegals crossing and dying in the desert heat or so we assume.

There is a baseball stadium down the street and at night you can catch a high school game. We saw Bisbee beat Douglas 14 - Zip.

Go Pumas!

I'll tell you more when I can get the pictures up. The pictures help the stories quite a bit.

But now I am in Montreal at the big ole Comedy festival, pretending to want bigger things.