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April 13

Pensacola, FL


April 15

Tallahassee, FL


April 16

Atlanta Improv
Atlanta, GA


April 17

Atlanta Improv
Atlanta, GA


April 18

Birmingham, AL


April 19

New Daisy Theatre
Memphis, TN


April 20

Nashville, TN


April 22

Comedy Caravan
Louisville, KY


April 23

2720 Cherokee
St. Louis, MO


April 24

Improv Kansas City
Kansas City, MO


April 25

Fayetteville, AR


April 26

Little Rock, AR


April 27

Phoenix Underground
Shreveport, LA


April 29

Addison Improv
Dallas, TX


April 30

Addison Improv
Dallas, TX


May 1

Backstage Lubbock
Lubbock, TX


June 10

Irvine Improv
Irvine, CA


June 11

Ontario Improv
Ontario, CA


June 12

M15 Concerts Bar & Grill
Corona, CA


June 18

Sacramento, CA


June 25

Star Theatre
Portland, OR


August 21

Comedy Store
Los Angeles, CA


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I've Decided On...


Bisbee, Arizona. That's where my wall of stolen clocks will hang.



Just a few miles from the border so I won't have far to run when this country's governemt sets loose the dogs.

Quite a town, this Bisbee. You're welcome to join us. Bisbee is an old mining town southeast of Tombstone, more southeast of Tuscon. High enough to stay cool, cheap enough to be easy, beautiful like magazines. The mine ate shit in the 70's and the drop-outs and artists filled in the holes. A former stae legislator on the patio of the Copper Queen Hotel told me the best part of Bisbee is the second hand smoke. It gets you high, he tells me.


Never seen a place quite like Bisbee. We'll be seeing a lot of it now. You're welcome to join us. You can stay at the Shady Dell.

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