Dear Good Comics,


Please make a fucking CD. Every douchebag who has never said anything worth repeating much less recording was a littany of discs to choose from along with his three-color tri-fold presentation package, DVD promo reel and auto-dialer to every booker in the world. You - the great and talented fuck-ups - cant keep a pager in working order much less make a CD. Oh, and get a site website as well. Just so a guy can find your schedule.

Please get a CD. They are easy to do. Ask a sober kid from the open mics. He'll help you just so he can use your name in his intro. I get constant emails from people asking where to find better comedy CDs, unkown stuff. And I am forced to rely on my memory which is atrocious at any given moment and at best I can come up with a couple. I'm putting a page together on my site and The Unbookables site just to link CDs that are good and different. So if you do have a CD thats good, let me know about it. If you don't get one. And if you've heard one you like, tell me about it.

And if you are stuck featuring for douchebags, get a CD of it anyway. It doesnt have to be an hour. Maybe we can start selling compilations. I dont know, I got no head for business and I dont want a dime of the money. But I know people who can put it together. If your shit is out there, it'll get spread around. And you'll get a draw. And comedy clubs will have to pay attention. And maybe comedy will get less boring. Maybe a brand name will bring back the people who abandoned comedy when it all went Leno on them.