New DVD - Deadbeat Hero

NEW DVD "Deadbeat Hero"

The new DVD/CD "Deadbeat Hero" is available right here - right now. It runs an hour and fifteen minutes as well as the bonus footage including horrifying footage of my first few mullet-bearing months in comedy - footage so embarrassing that I couldn't watch it without a lot of drinks and a puke bucket.

So why include it? I figured I owed it to all the open micers that I told they sucked.


We filmed it in Seattle at the Comedy Underground in April and there's a CD of the show along with the DVD.

Buy it here and spread it around.

I took July off mostly but I'll be updating shortly about last week in Alaska and this week with Andrist in Alabama. If we don't get a story here - with a convention of Freemasons in the hotel - well, we're just not trying.