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Ah, not enough time to update, not enough so you'd understand.

In the last week I have boxed Tonya Harding, journeyed to Vegas with Andy Andrist for Arena Football and diseased gambling, re-shot 10 episodes of The Man Show as the FCC begins rationing your already-limited portions of truth and smoked DMT with Rogan where I was immediately transplanted into the center of the Universe, watching all information and reality sucked thru a black hole and let to understand the meaning of life.

Now I'm on my way to play a club in a casino in Bettendorf.

You learn to adapt.

An update will come soon. Until then - email this man. He is an enemy of humanity. He is the chairman of the FCC, the man who used - or who waited for - Janet Jackson's Tittie to springboard his McCarthyist smut-quashing campaign no differently than GWB milked the raw cow-tit of 9/11 to legitimize himself as a leader.

Email him and tell him you want freedom of speech on the airwaves. Tell him that parents should not use governments to babysit their offspring. Tell him that everyone - including his own sad self - has nipples and that they are not dirty, much less worthy of senate hearings, shock-jock firings and blanket media reprisals.

Or just tell him anything you'd like to have the freedom to hear via the privately owned media.

Then mass email your friends to email him.

Michael Powell said he received shitloads of email after the SuperBowl from irate viewers. Thats because the masses who didn't give a fuck don't have time or need to email worthless shitheads.

Make the time and fake the need. Make this person fear for his position in the food chain.

Until then, I will try to put more of this week into an update.

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